An extensive library of documents, policy papers from member organizations, PowerPoint and presentation notes are available for download to registered site members. There is also a resource library that is available for the public.  

Recently, all of our public and member resources have been updated and reorganized into three main categories--Connect, Educate, and Protect. Please look for these icons to assist you in your perusal of our website materials.



Child safety and protection resources are available for public viewing.  We will be adding to these public resources several time a year.  In order to have access to the full resource library, you must have a user account and be logged in.


As a member, you have access to many resources that have been developed by member organizations: policy papers, presentations, articles and other useful educational materials.   These resources are available for registered site members.  The CSPN member Community is also a place for sharing information and networking with others who work with Child Safety issues. Here is a listing of our member organizations.