The Rwanda Response Team Training, scheduled for March 28-31, 2020, has been cancelled due to travel and quarantine restrictions imposed by the Rwandan government.


General Information
Venue and Accommodations
Travel Information

General Information

How does your organisation respond when there is a concern that a child has been harmed? In the International context, there is often no clear place to turn for objective help. There can be so many competing interests and diverse opinions involved. Very often the reaction can be one of confusion, uncertainty, or even panic. 

This Response Team Training (RTT) provides three days of intensive modular training designed to equip your organisation with the knowledge and skills to respond to a report of harm to a child. We will look at the principles of Child Safety and Misconduct Assessments and give you a toolbox to help you make decisions and create safety plans. Using a Process Map, you will navigate your way through different ‘real life’ scenarios that will bring principle-based theory to life.  Table-based discussions and group work enhance shared learning and provide excellent networking opportunities.       

Who is this training for?

This course is not a general child safety prevention training, although it will help you to identify where gaps may be in your own context. This course is ideally for personnel in your organisation or school who are child safety team members responsible for or involved in dealing with an incident of harm (or risk of harm) to a child. Attendees might also include field leaders or member care providers who would benefit from understanding the Response Process.  

The Response Team Training is reserved for CSPN Member organizations. Mission agencies and international schools are encouraged to send 2-4 people to the same RTT event. CSPN Members must be approved by their organization’s gatekeeper to attend. 

ACSI CONFERENCE: Following the RTT, ACSI invites you to join your fellow educators at the International Christian Educator Conference (ICEC) Africa at Kigali International Community School, April 1-4, 2020. The registration for this event is completely separate from CSPN’s training; for more information, visit the ACSI site at

Dates and Times
The RTT will be preceded by a two-hour Orientation session that gives an overview of general Child Safety in order to provide a shared foundation for learning.

The schedule for the RTT is as follows:
Saturday, March 28
2:00-4:00pm          Orientation (Please arrive by 1:30pm for check-in)
4:00-6:00pm          Begin Response Team Training Sessions
Sunday, March 29
2:00-6:00pm          RTT Sessions
Monday and Tuesday (March 30, 31)
8:00am-5:00pm     RTT Sessions

Please plan to attend every RTT session over all four days of the training.

A certificate of Continuing Education Credits will be provided at completion of the course.

Venue and Accommodations.

The Response Team Training will be taking place at the Elevate Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda.

Contact Information:
Elevate Suites
KG 13 Ave.
Kigali, Rwanda
Ph: +250782008088
Email: [email protected]

Recommended Hotels:
KICS recommends staying at the Elevate Hotel. They have negotiated a discounted rate for us; please mention that you are attending the Child Safety & Protection conference hosted by KICS.

Other nearby lodging choices include the Villa Portofino, Orient Park Hotel, or the Great Season Hotel.
Room Rates:
Elevate: NEW Discounted rate for CSPN Conference!
Double Room: 100$ per night, breakfast included
Single Room: 80$ per night, breakfast included

Villa Portofino:  
Standard room per person: 150$

Orient Park Hotel:
Single Room:  $70 
Double Room:  $90  

Great Season Hotel:
Single occupancy in room: 80$
Double occupancy in room: 120$

Reservation: : Please note that you will be responsible for booking your stay, and you should make plans to do so as soon as possible to be sure to secure lodging in time. If you are staying at the Elevate Hotel, please mention you are part of the Child Safety and Protection Network training conference hosted by the Kigali International Community School..

Meals: Breakfast is included in the cost of your room at the Elevate Hotel. Lunches and snacks will be provided during the conference on Monday and Tuesday. Participants are welcome to dine out for lunch on Saturday and Sunday as well as dinner each night at your hotel restaurant or any of the nearby restaurants. 

Payment: Your RTT registration fee does not cover accommodations, breakfast, lunch (Saturday/Sunday only), or dinner. You will be responsible for those. Please plan to pay for your room directly to the hotel upon check out. 

Visa Information: Each conference participant is responsible to determine whether or not they require a visa to enter Rwanda. If you need an invitation letter, you may request one by emailing the CSPN Executive Assistant at [email protected].

Travel Information

Transport from Airport to Hotel: There is one international airport, Kigali International Airport (KGL); please book your flights through this location. You can get a blue taxi from airport, which generally costs around $12.00 to the nearby hotels; we have been advised that this is the safest mode of travel. Participants can choose to use a hotel shuttle, but the price will be slightly higher. Contact the hotel directly for this option.


Early rate: $265 USD per person through December 16, 2019
Standard rate: $285 USD per person, December 17, 2019 until February 25, 2020

To register, click on the REGISTER NOW button at the bottom of this page. Payment can be made online with a credit/debit card or by check.  Payment can be made by credit card at the time of registration or by check made out to CSPN and mailed to: 

Child Safety Protection Network
PO Box 93
Bausman, PA  17504, USA

Please note that the registration slot is only held when payment is received. Payment is expected within two weeks of registration or registration may be cancelled. The cancellation fee is $100. Registration can be transferred to another individual for a fee of $50.